Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Happy Thing

It's already that time of year where I start planning ahead for the fall semester; it is less than a month away from now, after all, and I've been doing some online ordering for various things. Without fail, I look for the cheapest price with the cheapest shipping.

Sometimes I'll even e-mail a seller on eBay and ask for a cheaper price, like an Anthropologie rain coat. (Woohoo!) Other times they won't budge, which I can understand. But what turns me off sooner than anything is charging a ridiculous amount for shipping, like when I know that shipping a pattern won't cost $5 when I can send them out for $3 less.

Rant over. You wonder about my blog post title, then? Well, I decided to do a little happy thing over in my etsy shop and offer free shipping this weekend. Use the coupon code SHIPFREE with any size order in the US through this Saturday!

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Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Cheri,

I fully agree with you...the prices of shipping items is crazy! I have been looking into ordering some material for a girl's group and oh my! It just seems wrong to pay more for shipping than the actual item! How lovely you are offering free shipping...{{smiles}} A happy thing indeed!
Have a beautiful weekend and much love to you...I am so enjoying your blog!