Friday, July 14, 2017

Harvesting Lavender

Three years ago I planted some English Lavender while still hopeful that my first patch would make it. It never did. I now have two patches and it looks like they would have been in a glorious full bloom while we were on vacation.

Today I got started on harvesting it. According to some websites, I'm to late, but oh well. It still smells good! :) The two piles on the left still have some blossoms, while the one on the right contains the ones that are fully done.

There is still more to cut from the first patch and an abundance on my second patch. When ever I bring in the lavender, I just tie them into bunches and hang dry them for dried bouquets later. Browsing on Pinterest for ideas, there is a whole bunch more you can make with dried lavender. I'm thinking maybe a wreath? Down in South Carolina, there was a small coffee shop that made the best Lavender Mocha's, but I've been leery to try using it in any culinary dishes here at home.

If anyone wants to pass on their ideas for dried lavender, I'd be happy to hear them!


Sarah said...

Lavender is my favorite fragrance! I planted tiny lavender plants in my garden year before last, and have added a couple new plants each year. This year my original plant bloomed! I was so excited. The hummingbirds have enjoyed drinking from the blossoms, it is so cute to watch them. : )

A lavender wreath sounds heavenly! I have only ever made sachets from lavender.


Cheri said...


Having multiple plants of lavender must be fun! Is it difficult to propagate your plants? I never knew that hummingbirds liked lavender. Good to know! Last summer I remember seeing some around here, but they haven't poked their beaks into anything lately. :)

Making sachets sounds like fun! Already I've been accumulating some scrap fabric (after donating my stash a couple of years ago to a friend who quilts for a business) and should make some up. Thanks for sharing!