Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One more peasant shirt...

As I was falling in love with this peasant shirt while sewing it today, I held it up against me and asked one of my sisters how it would look. She made a face and said that it looked as though death had warmed over me.

To bad. I loved the way it looked with my thrifted J. Jill skirt.

So it is up in the shop this evening.

Also though, ending Saturday morning, I'm going to offer to all my blog readers a 10% discount off anything in the shop. Just send "a conversation" through etsy to let me know if you have your eye on any particular item(s).

Oh yes, and here is a sneak peak of the Regency dress that I'm currently working on to sell:


Elisabeth said...

Oh! I love that regency dress fabric!! So pretty. Maybe if you have more of it, I should order a dress from you, though I'd like it a little different than the one in the pic. :)

Great job. You have a lot of talent.

Cheri said...

Thankyou, Elisabeth. =) Unfortunately I only have, at the most, 2 yards of this fabric left!