Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dress It Up - With a Scarf

A week has already past, and it is time for the 2nd installment of "Dress It Up"? Time flies. :)

Today's "tip" to dress up an outfit is from the below picture that I found on Pinterest. A simple black cardigan (maybe over a silver-white button up blouse?) can sometimes be just that: plain and simple. Which of course there is nothing wrong with such, but seeing how another "plain and simple" color, ie. gray, in the form of a scarf can really make boring = classy. 

So with that in mind: this is me a couple Sunday's ago before going to church. I was wearing a pencil skirt in plaid (The Limited) paired with a plain black sweater-shirt (Covington - thrifted), gray tights (The Limited) and black tall boots (Covington). And of course the gray scarf (Macy's) to complete the look.

Have a lovely weekend, ladies!


Naomi T. said...

Who would have thought? It looks great! I'm going to have to try that combination for sure. :)

Rachel said...

Fun series, friend! I love the classy black/grey/silver look, and I'm liking scarves too...