Monday, March 19, 2012

Patterns GALORE for sale!

Major sewing room cleaning and this week it's my pattern bins being sorted through.

There are newborn to ladies sizes. Dresses, jumpers, blouses, shirts, skirts, aprons, accessories, historical reproductions, and vintage.

10 patterns listed. 70 more to go. Yes, I'm serious. They are being sold here.

EDITED to ADD: Ooops! Ebay only allows 50 free listings per month, so I'll have to list the 30 more on the first of April. Take a look what I do have though before they all go!


Elena said...

Oh, I love several of them! Would you ship internationally? To Spain, to be precise? I have been checking some patterns, but you only seem to ship to the US.

Cheri said...


Thankyou so much for inquiring, but at this time I am only shipping within the US.

Laura said...

I need to do a pattern purge myself! A few months ago, a friend let me go through several boxes of patterns given to her by the son of a deceased lady from her church... I believe she had 10 children and sewed a lot for them, in the 40's thru 60's from the looks of things. Since the patterns were free, I went a little hog-wild. :-) I can't really keep them all, so one of these days a selection will go on eBay or Etsy...