Thursday, November 07, 2013

Pattern Collection: Ladies Apparel

Well, I just fixed myself a cup of my favorite Earl Grey tea, and thought I'd take the rest of the morning answering e-mails and writing up today's blog post. After two hours of sleep, breakfast for all, seeing my mother and sister drive off eastward for two weeks, and cleaning the upstairs bathroom, it feels like it should be going on 11pm, not 11am. ;)
The following picture is my skirt pattern collection (not counting the patterns I've created that I stow in the big manila envelopes). I've used all of them, and have been very pleased.

Of course the first one is familiar to you, since I made a blog post about it not long ago. The 2nd & 3rd one on the top row were given to me from a mother-like friend of mine from church. I've made her several skirts from this pattern, and love the back details. On the bottom row, I've made myself a skirt from one of the first two (can't remember, they're both very similar if not next to identical) and loved the basic A-line pattern. The last one I've used several times for another friend of mine from church. Oh, and looking back a few years, I guess I did make myself a skirt in this last pattern. :)

This is a rather diversified group. The two jacket patterns have been in my storage bin and still remain untouched. (Should get rid of them!) The first was given to me, and the second was one I picked up because I liked the blue one shown on the cover. :) Then my one and only shirt pattern that I used over and over again. Here, and here are a couple posts of me wearing one that I made. It's rather frightening to see these since it seems like yesterday that I made these! Not to mention I look a wee bit younger and a lot smaller in size. Ah well, can't do much about the former, but CAN do something about the latter! :)
On the bottom row I have a stylish looking jumper pattern (I thought of you, Laura, when I picked it up at the thrift store several years ago. Maybe I thought it looked like something you would wear?). I don't wear jumpers anymore but I've saved it for maybe when I get brave enough to sew it in a dark plaid wool, donne a hat, (it's a pity most hats look dreadful on my rather large head) and walk the streets of London, England. Wishful thinking, I know.
The next dress pattern is my first "modern" dress pattern that I used when I started coming out of the prairie-muffin stage. A few other lovely young ladies from church made dresses out of this pattern, so it was fun to "match" them once in awhile. The only reason I've kept it is for sentimentality reasons. (Oh the things we get attached to!)
And then the nightgown pattern and robe pattern. In the winter season, I find pajama's a lot more practical, not to mention much warmer, but it's fun wearing a soft "romantic" nightgown on a summer evening. :) I've taken some length off the hem, and add a good 8" ruffle to it just fun. The robe pattern I've never used, but have always wanted to since I've never owned one. One of these days...

Now for fun "accessories." :) Surely it isn't a surprise to you that I have other apron patterns that aren't vintage. :) The two from Sew Liberated are my absolute favorite modern ones. I've used the Emmeline pattern on numerous occasions for gifts. Out of the bottom two aprons I've made the first one many times as well. There has been at least on more than one occasion being "caught" wearing an ivory apron covered in ruffles while sweeping the front porch before guests arrive. :) The other apron pattern I've kept because it looks so "Downton Abbey" but looking at the instructions, one has to make their own battenburg lace out of battenburg tape. Maybe one of these days I'll figure out what that even is?

And as for the other two: the tote bag pattern has been a staple to use. I've made several totes for the shop using this pattern (but altering/changing it up, of course). And the shawl/sailor collar pattern I've used I think once or twice in the last ten years. I'm not sure why I still keep it, but I have.


~ Shannon said...


It's so fun to see what other seamstresses have in their pattern collections! I have two of these patterns in common -- a skirt pattern (Simplicity 5914, bottom center), and, OF COURSE, the Simplicity 4499 blouse pattern. Which I still have, despite the fact that I haven't used it in several years!

I do love that jumper pattern -- I'm not a jumper person, either (I couldn't pull it off stylishly), but your idea of exploring the streets of London in such a get-up sounds delightful. Maybe I could join you, because I also have a large noggin that defies all hat-wearing -- perhaps we'd feel less self-conscious as a pair. ;-)


~ Shannon said...

Oh, and I meant to add that I'd love to make Battenberg lace! I've seen the Battenberg lace tapes for sale online, and I have a feeling it would be one of the easiest forms of lace making (though perhaps I'm mistaken in that! :-). I'd love to see the results if you ever try!


Cheri said...


Reading your comments made my day. :) Thanks to YOU, I have that shirt pattern from Simplicity!

And most certainly would you be welcome to join me on the streets of London! We'd be quite at home, I think, visiting the tea shops and used bookstores. :)